The Next Generation Savings Product

Choose the target annual returns you want and we will dynamically select investments to help you reach your goals

How it Works

Saveior invests your savings in different types of assets depending on your target returns ranging from short-term Treasury bills with 2% target annual returns to diversified portfolios with 10% target annual returns. We let you select the risk and return level that is best for your needs. Currently, our service is best for accounts over $10,000. We have no maximum deposit or monthly withdrawal limits.

Instant Setup

Start saving within minutes by opening an account with our custodian, Folio Institutional. We also support existing brokerage accounts at firms like Vanguard and TD Ameritrade.

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Full Automation

There’s no initial or ongoing time commitment required to manage your savings and investments. Our experts and automated systems take care of monitoring the markets so you don’t have to.

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Target Returns

Unlike a savings account,  you can choose what level of risk and returns you want to achieve your savings goals. Saveior offers a wide variety of savings strategies for different financial preferences.

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Diversification and Risk Minimization

Saveior employs sophisticated investing algorithms to maintain portfolio diversification and protect against market volatility, reducing potential losses.

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Case Studies

Saveior can help individuals, businesses, and nonprofits maximize their savings and long-term investments. We are dedicated to maintaining client privacy, so we show hypothetical case studies based on real world clients.

Anna is a recent college graduate from UC Berkeley. She is working at a tech firm in San Francisco and saving diligently for general purposes, including travel and emergencies. Anna want to see her savings grow but wants to avoid large losses, so she selects a safe savings strategy with 6% target annual returns and a target maximum potential downside movement of 5%.

Anna Johnson
Individual Client @ Saveior

Eric is the founder of a small husband-wife steel business. His company has several hundred thousand dollars in the bank. Eric does not want to risk his company’s cash reserves because they may be used later in the year, so he opts to put part of the funds in Saveior’s FDIC-insured cash investment program yielding 1.8%, and puts the rest in short-term bonds yielding ~2.5%.

Eric Black
Founder @ Small Business

John is the CEO of a public charity with a long-term investment portfolio over $1 million. John does not want to pay the 1%+ management fees that advisors typically charge and wants an expert to manage the nonprofit’s capital. John selects Saveior because it reduces investment fees by over 50% and handles his nonprofit’s short- and long-term investments.

John Collins
CEO @ Public Nonprofit


Supported Brokers


Target Annual Returns


Savings Strategies to Fit Every Need

Brokerage Partners

Saveior holds client assets at our custodian Folio Institutional. We can also link our automated saving systems with accounts over $100,000 at Vanguard, Interactive Brokers, and TD Ameritrade. Your funds are held at major brokerage firms that are themselves backed by the Securities Investor Protection Corporation (SIPC). If you need a new Saveior-compatible brokerage account, please click the Folio Institutional logo below.

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Please contact us if you have any questions or would like to get started with Saveior. Our team will respond to your inquiry promptly.